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About Me

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Hello, I'm Diksha Pilania, an Interdisciplinary Designer with a passion for transforming spaces into captivating narratives.As a multidisciplinary designer with dual master's degrees in Theatre (scenic design) and Interior design, coupled with a Bachelor's in Accessory design, I possess the ability to seamlessly blend various design domains. My expertise allows me to envision, conceptualize, and complete projects uniquely, wearing multiple hats throughout the creative process.

My design journey is a blend of diverse experiences and skills. I bring spaces to life by infusing them with stories, connecting the personal with the aesthetic. With over a decade of design education, I've honed my ability to craft emotionally resonant designs.

I believe that design is an acquired skill, but selling that design is an integral skill and wherever i am right now is because that i could add a cherry to my technical skillset by being able to effectively communicate my strengths to the people around.

One of my core interests lies in using design for social impact. I've worked on projects focusing on improving living conditions in Indian slums, using design as a tool for positive change. I am also a co-founder of Vanvaasi, a social enterprise dedicated to making design accessible for "All".

Design, to me, is more than aesthetics; it's about creating meaningful experiences and making a positive difference. I believe in the power of design to transform lives and communities.


Let's collaborate and make the world a better place, one design at a time.

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